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What's Next?
6 Ways Your Staffing Partner Can Help

The COVID-19 pandemic and the economic uncertainty that followed has left many businesses reeling. Some because they had to shutter or reduce their business, some because they had to shift to remote work, and others were overwhelmed by the increase in business. As companies try to get back on their feet, it's the perfect time to work with a staffing partner.

Here are six ways your staffing partner can help your business:

Keep Up With Demand

Whether you've been busy throughout the pandemic or are just ramping up, it can be tough to keep up without overtaxing your core staff. A staffing firm can help by providing trained, vetted temporary help for as long as you need them. You can fill positions that are indeed temporary. As companies get back to business, they need people to clean and sanitize the premises and check employees for elevated temperature or other COVID-19 symptoms.

Add Specialized Skills

Many companies have had to shift their business in this changing economy. For example, a clothing manufacturer might pivot to making masks or other in-demand PPE because of a sudden spike in need. Without people with the skills to adapt equipment, patterns, and production to these new demands, you miss out on growth opportunities.

Improve Retention

When your core staff is overworked, they are prone to burnout. Manage workload by augmenting the team as needed with temporary staff. You'll save on overtime and ensure your employees are well-rested, achieve work/life balance, and happy in their jobs. A staffing partner can help you add resources on demand, reducing stress on your core staff and maximizing performance.

Shorten Time-to-Hire

When you need to ramp your business up fast, you can't afford to hesitate. Working with a staffing firm gives you access to their candidate databases and talent networks. They can quickly respond to your requirements, dramatically reducing the time it takes for you to find the right people. If they don't have candidates immediately available, their streamlined hiring process can help you hire faster.

Reduce Hiring Risks

Temp-to-hire services allow you to try out new employees before making a final hiring decision. Evaluate them on the job while they remain on the staffing firm's payroll - lowering your risk of making a bad hire. Your staffing firm may also offer payrolling. With this option, the staffing firm is the employer of record and can ensure compliance with all federal, state, and local tax laws.

Avoid Layoffs

With so much unpredictability in the current economy, it can be difficult to commit to increasing headcount, even if your company is growing. Layoffs can be heartbreaking for the people effective and can damage morale among those who survive the cut. Your best employees can lose confidence in their job security and seek new opportunities. Your staffing partner can provide temporary employees to pick up the slack or temp-to-hire candidates you can convert to full time once the market stabilizes.